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Dongguan Wiilove Electronic Technology Co. Ltd,

Is a professional adult toy manufacturer integrating R&D, design and production with a plant covering over 4,000 square meters, advanced machinery equipment, specialized technical talents, sophisticated management experience and perfect service system. Our major products include Masturbators(little smell,supersoft,TPE ),Dildos( little smell,supersoft,PVC Phthalate-Free), and etc. Focusing on the mid- to high-end adult toy market, we use all imported raw materials for product manufacturing, keep improving product design and details, and offer our partners with professional and efficient one-stop service.

东莞市汇徕电子科技有限公司,是一家集研发、设计、生产为一体的成人用品专业制造企业,工厂面积4000多平方米,拥有先进的机器设备,专业的技术人才,成熟的管理经验和完善的服务体系。主要产品:男用自慰软胶(无异味TPE)、仿真阳具(无异味PVC Phthalate-Free)、硅胶(Silicone)等。我们专注中高端成人玩具市场,采用进口原料生产制造,对产品设计与细节精益求精,为合作伙伴提供专业而高效的一站式服务。